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Guys, Just read the sad news about Jeff, went through some old photos and found these of the WF cup celebrations.

Eric Southward



A photo from Wilf Haywood believed to be from around 1957 / 58

Some vintage team photos from Steve Scott.


A great find by Nobby





A TEAM 2004 - from Ciaran

Terry Williamson, Andy Walker, Andy Kent, Dean Lloyd-Roberts, Ray Sayle, Roger Coles,??, Steve Slater, Steve Thompson Nick Roberts, Lee Edwards.
Will?, ??, Steve Clarke, Ciaran Trainor, Matthew Williamson, Lee?


FOUND IN THE CLUB - decor hasn't changed much over the years!!

From the Trainor Collection


One from Bill Strickland

This is the team that won the Penrith Sevens Subsidiary Competition in 1970/71 season.

Back row L-R, Steve Scott, Norman Smith, Dave Ray, Bill Strickland, Brian Watt
Front Row L-R, Terry Williamson, Brian Charnley, Des Jesson.











Your challenge is to send in names and dates - no prizes, it's just to test your memories!



Some old photos from Craig Nicholson.

They were taken around 1960/61 when Craig's grandfather, Stan Whittaker, was club coach.

Top pic shows Craig as a child at the front - apparently most of the training sessions used medicine balls.

Jack Richardson and Jack Galloway definitely appear on Pic 2 and apparently Eddie France!! (Please let us know which one you are Eddie)

Pic 4 has Stan Whittaker back row L next to him is Jim Carswell. Back row far right is Roy Mc Pherson. Skipper is Gordon Corkhill and seated second from right is Colin High


Dave Parkinson kindly submitted by Peter Heywood

Vickers 7s finalists around 1957/58   – Ship Drawing Office 

kindly submitted by Ray Hewson

Back row: Brian Threlfall, Eric Stirzaker, Ray Hewson, Cliff Harris, Tony Kay, Norman Baber.

Front Row: Dennis Rodgers, Pete Lancaster, Jimmy Hill.

Sub dock team winners of Vickers 7’s

subdock.gif (935547 bytes) please click for large copy

Jeez...not sure if anyone has seen this for a while.. Sub dock team winners of Vickers 7’s

1970 I think - Des Jesson penalty from 50 yards - last kick of game hit crossbar and dropped over for the sub dock win

Dick Coyle Bernie Payne Mike Heywood Geoff Rawlinson John Edmonds Jeff Simm Des Jesson


  Geoff Rawlinson, Peachland, British Columbia, Canada


I came across your web page and found my grandfather A J Baythorpe (also known as Biff) on your pictures. I have just been sorting through my late parents house and found some old photographs of my late grandfather which I thought may interest to you, so am forwarding them to you. Hope you will enjoy seeing them

Kind regards

Paul Williams

Scan1.JPG (276291 bytes) Scan10002.JPG (229603 bytes) Scan10003.JPG (258642 bytes) Scan10023.JPG (236933 bytes) Scan10024.JPG (279806 bytes) Scan10025.JPG (584247 bytes)
 Vickers v Sheffield 1932 on reverse of photo it reads Vickers v Sheffield, English Steel Corporation 29th Oct 1932

Vickers v Elswick 1932


1938 - 1939

At Sheffield 1938/39

 - Return Journey from Newcastle 31.3.35  

Barrow 14  Elswick 6


aoyct001.gif (158123 bytes) aoyct002.gif (183338 bytes) aoyct003.gif (160704 bytes) aoyct004.gif (143622 bytes)
aoyct005.gif (122303 bytes) aoyct006.gif (202863 bytes) aoyct007.gif (160907 bytes) aoyct008.gif (184285 bytes)

And not so old.... taken in Blackpool - thanks again Ciaran

bkpl01.gif (343335 bytes) bkpl02.gif (330908 bytes) bkpl03.gif (378819 bytes)

1969 Vickers A Team Photo

This photo is from Vickers A v Winlaton Vulcans from around  April 1969. The score was 51 - 0 to Vickers. Many thanks to John Allen for the photograph.

VICKERS'A'1969B.gif (117344 bytes)

BACK ROW: John Allen, Terry Martin, Jimmy Shannon, Dave Robinson, Ros Beard, Dave Webster, Paul Collins, Ref. Dave Lysons

FRONT ROW: Steve Scott, Ron Issacs, John Payne, Dick Hammond, Jack Charnley, Pete Cowley, Richard Scott, Malcolm Askew

1974 Colts Team 

Many thanks to Paul Harrison for this photo.

Back: Paul Connell, Alan Chapman, Paul Williamson, Frank Russcilo, Phil Quinn, Graham Edwards
Middle: Alan Hilton, Paul Harrison, Maurice Watkin, Dave Ronald, Col McMurray, Grant Willetts
Front: Gary Nicholson, Mike Beach, Glen Healey, Graham Moses, Phil Haughian

1974PaulHarrison.gif (1608308 bytes) Click for a larger view


40s50sW.jpg (165996 bytes) This photo was sent in by Ciaran Trainor along with the note 'The only guy Know is Jack Middleton Middle row 3rd from right who was also apparently a good boxer known as Nippy Middleton'. Also named is the middle row 2nd from left who is Jimmy Field, father of Terry ex Furness player and referee. Click on the thumbnail for a larger view.

Many thanks to Terry Williamson for sending in the names. He found them in his Golden Jubilee book,  it is the  1937-38 team.

Back Row G Pickering (Hon Sec) A J Baythorpe (Chairman), L Giddy, H Browne, W Sorrie, J G Murray, J Pearson, E Wilkinson,D Q Teare(Committee)
Centre Row  R Stitt, J Field, C H Iddon, W Fox(Captain), J Middleton, L McPherson, C Johnson.
Front Row  H Noble, H R Kerr.

An couple of Emails received regarding the 2 photos:

I have seen the oldest photo’s I think I can identify two or three of the people

Top photo back row, in street clothes (r. h. side) Danny Teare next to him Ted Wilkinson (wilkie) 

In bottom photo Ted is front row second in, back row l.h.side c/w watch chain Bill Jessop.

All of these gentlemen were still active in the club until the 70’s to the best of my memory. Jack Galloway or Frank Ratcliffe should be able to confirm.

I am pleased to see a junior section thriving ,the first colts teams were a shot in the arm to the rugby section. Pass on best wishes to all, (that’s my name on the captain’s tankard)

All the best

Chris Harris(52-64)

hello, I thought I had seen this photo before, so I looked in my golden jubilee book and there it was the 1937-38 team with all the names below it, can supply the names if required. I saw that Chris Harris sent an email, hi Chris, you fell amongst thieves and had rather a lot of beer with us all in the telly lounge last time I saw you up the club a couple of years ago or more, did you ever get out with Mike Mailey that night !!!
anyway, because I saw your name and I had the book out I had a look and there you were in a picture 1952-53 you also got a mention for the season 1953-54 for playing in all 29 1st team games.
yours in rugby
Terry Williamson
19 April 2007



A second photo has been submitted by Ciaran.

vold2W.jpg (120104 bytes)

Click on the thumbnail for a larger view.


Some holiday snaps from the Bill Turner Collection



A Bunch of 5 from Ciaran - just for Steve Quayle

Vickers Colts - probably 1978

sq1.jpg (335037 bytes)

 BACK ROW: Steve Warbrick(ref), Jim Steel, Frank Danson, Jeff Preston, Steve   Hodgson, John Dixon, Ian Mowat, Steve Quayle, Dave Buckley, Bill Palmer (Coach).


FRONT ROW: Bill White, Tony Skelton, Karl Dodd, Keith Darwick, Paul Cresswell, Peter Cargan, Dave Eddevane.


Vickers 1st XV - probably 1984

sq2.jpg (232386 bytes)

BACK ROW: Jack Galloway, Alan O’Donnell, Peter Harney, Bill White, Jim Steele, Jeff Preston, Dave Prescott, Mark Hendley, Mike Garnett, Jack Richardson

FRONT ROW: John Greenhalgh, Grant Willetts, Steve Quayle, John Horne, Graham Moses, Paul Cresswell, Martin Grainger, John Edmonds


Vickers AXV 1981-82

sq3.jpg (214787 bytes)  BACK ROW: Don Pettingale, John Edmond, Dave Prescott, George Parks, Mike Hunter, Ciaran Trainor, Steve Liddicott, Steve Mitchell

  FRONT ROW: Martin Grainger, Grant Willetts, “jungle” Joe Steel, John Trewenick, Brian Charnley, Eric Southward, George Dodds, Steve Quayle.


Two pictures of the thriller Cabaret.


Two more photos from Steve Hadwin

These are probably from the early 1980's

A selection of photos from the Trainor Archives

Cabaret Photos - Dates Unknown

Bucks Fizz

Lone Ranger

Another Lone Ranger Sketch

The Wilsations

A Twickenham Trip from the early 80's?

A Team probably from the mid 80's

Back Row: Steve Thompson, Brian Charnley, Terry Williamson, Joe Steele, Andy Walker, Steve Slater, Jon Astill, Steve ??????, Steve O'Connell.

Front Row: Roger Coles, Steve Mitchell, Tony Skelton, Mike Beach, Ciaran Trainor, Jon Glew, Ian Baker
A very unusual Team At least 3 hookers, 1 clear 2nd Row, 4 possible Back rows, at least 4  People who thought they could play standoff, (only 2 actually could!!)  Maybe one prop and a couple of "backs"!!!! and what beautiful legs on Thommo

Vickers Colts at Millom 85-86


Back Row: Jack Charnley (Coach), Sam???, Mark Houston, Chip ??????, Chris Smith, Andy Murray, Colin Crighton, Nick Roberts, Ian Partridge.

Front Row: Sean Conway, Dave Parker, Glen Clarke, Andy Moore, Dickie Law (capt) Paul Carradus, Mike Murray, Ciaran Trainor (player coach 6 years too old!!)

A Vickers XV in preseason tournament 1999 at Millom

Back Row: Dan Logan, Peter Cargan, Martin Heywood, Jason Meadows, Keith Goldsworthy, Matty Smith, John Binns, Dean Lloyd-Roberts, Adam Williamson.
Front Row: Nick Roberts, Roger Coles, Jon Hadwin, Ian Baker, Ciaran Trainor, Ray Sayle, Lee Payne

A Vickers XV v Hillfoots undated probably 2001

Jason Meadows, Steve Barrett, Paul Edgeley, Jim Steele, Neil Barrowman, Lee Cumberbatch, Mike Winfield, Steve Slater.
Ciaran Trainor, Adam Williamson, Matthew Williamson, Kev Chadwick, Dan Logan,, Martin Grainger, Liam Harrison



Four photos from Ciaran Trainor who says " I think these are all 1993 when I was club Captain. Hardly a grey hair or Beer Belly in sight!! Not sure what some of the teams were though. Apologies to Dean and Mark, their surnames currently escape me and I really should know them."

1st 'XV'

Back Row: Mike 'Nobby' Clarke, Ray Sayle, Ian France, Steve Perry, Jason Truman, Kevin Cassley, Steve Hodgson, Bill White, Jim Steele, Jeff Simm.

Front Row: Mike Garnett, Martin Grainger, Kevin Chadwick, Glen Clarke, Ciaran Trainor, John Howard, Keith Goldsworthy, Terry Williamson, Tony Skelton.

A 'XV'

Back Row: Richard Dalton, Jimmy Higginson? Matt Smith, Peter Gillespie, Jim Steele, Lee Harrison, Rob Brady, Simon Heron, Jack Galloway, Andy Murray.

Front Row: Ian Baker, Chris Dalton, Keith Goldsworthy, Roger Coles, Nick Roberts, Steve Barrett, Neil Barrowman.

B 'XV'

Back Row: Peter Harney, Ray Graham, Steve Thompson, Neil Morrison, Mark Bowers, Brian Charnley, John Harrison, Jack Galloway, Simon Clarke, Ged Rawlinson. Dean .........?, Graham Moore.

Front Row: Ciaran Trainor, Jeff Simm, Bernie 'Bull' Payne, Grant Willetts, Simon Rodgers, Steve Barrett, Colin Mawson.

B2 'XV'

Back Row: Simon Rodgers, Steve Burns, Neil Morrison, Jason Meadows, Kevin Cassley, Andy McNamee, Mike 'Nobby' Clarke, Jack Galloway, Steve Hadwin.

Front Row: Jeff Simm, Matty Woods, John Binns?, Owen Belsey, Simon Burns, Bernie 'Bull' Payne, Colin Mawson, Mark ....?, Grant Willetts.

Two Photographs sent by Peter Heywood.

The VRUFC Under 16 Team from 1990

Back Row: ?, Dave Stalker, Adrian Heywood, Dan Smith, Phil Thomas, Richard Dalton, Lee Green, Rob Lloyd?, Steven Jones

Front Row: Craig Mckinnon, Matthew Smith, Christian Dalton, Anthony O'Kane, Martin Heywood, Johnny Kneale, Paul Heywood

The VRUFC A Team 1988

Back Row: Graham Edwards, Tony Skelton, Steve Hadwin, Steve Cummings, Andy McNamee, Billy White, Steve Burns, John Edmund, Jack Galloway.

Front Row: Dave Walmsley, Andy Moore, Ian Baker, Ian Walmsley, John Smith, Ian Hopkinson, Paul Banham.

A photograph from the club's Golden Anniversary 1980. Thanks to Ray Wallace

Back Row: A.O'Donnell, R.Moss, J.Edmond, M.Clarke, J.Steele, S.Liddicott

Second Row: S.Robson, J.Richardson, R.Coyle, T.Williamson, J.Harkness (Kendal), B.Waddington (Furness), J.Plant, R.Wallace, J.Veevers (Kendal).

Third Row: E.France, C.High, W.Heywood.

Fourth Row: T.Burns, J.Galloway, F.Ratcliffe, B.Woods, K.Mills

Fifth Row: P.Burns, A.Everettt, D.Irwin, J.Simm, J.Horne, G.Moses

Please click smaller image for a full size view.  

Wgolden-anniversary.jpg (183220 bytes)

Many thanks to Ciaran Trainor for these great photos.

Windermere veteran’s tournament winners April 2003

Captain Brian Charnley Holding the “Shepherds Crook” trophy

Played 3 Won 3

  Back row - Graham Kane, Bill White, Danny White, Steve Thompson, Nick Roberts, Alan Troughton, Brian Charnley, Glen Clarke, Ian France, Stuart Cree, Martin Grainger, Steve Slater, Ray Sayle, Tony Skelton,

  Middle Row- Ciaran Trainor, Mike Beach, Grant Willetts, Dave Irwin.

  Front Row- Adam Grainger, Grady Slater, Sammy White, Brendan Trainor, Shannon Trainor, Matthew Sayle.

A XV 86-87

Back Row- Steve Vial, Alan Ducie, Chris Liddicott, Andy McNamee, Kev Lowther, Peter Harney, Dave Parker, Sean Conway, Graham Gibson, Brian Charnley

  Front Row- Paul Carradus, Ian Baker, Andy Moore, Dave Walmsley, Ian Walmsley (C), John Smith, Ciaran Trainor, Graeme Steele.

A XV Saturday 4th December 2000 v Kendal won 40 – 3


  Ciaran’s 40th birthday and scored his first ever drop goal on Hawcoat park after numerous embarrassing and often ridiculous attempts!!

  Back Row- Dan Logan, Steve Slater, Steve Thompson, Neil France, Jason Meadows, Dean Lloyd-Roberts, Neil Barrowman, Peter Gillespie, Chris Burgess, Paul Edgley,

  Front Row- William Howard, John Howard, Steve Hannaway, Martin Grainger, Ian Hopkinson, Brendan, Ciaran and Shannon Trainor, Keith Goldsworthy, Dave Gallagher, Steve McArthur.

 AXV Westmorland and Furness Cup winners April 1983

Windermere 1st XV 19 – 20 Vickers A XV

Back Row- Steve Cummings, Andy Morris, John Edmond, Graham Edwards, John Whitehouse, Dave Prescott, Brian Charnley, Tosh Whinfield, Dave Storey, Ciaran Trainor.

  Front Row- Steve Liddicott, Bill White, Eric Southward(C), Ian Hopkinson, Keith Darwick, Tony Skelton.

A Classic supplied by Wilf Heywood

Four real 'golden oldies' from Mr Frank Ratcliffe







Thanks to Steve Hadwin for these 2 antiques.

Back Row: F Ratcliffe, J Harrison, S Hadwin, G Dewey,Dick Coyle,
P Seleska, K Spencer, K Robinson, P Eccles
Front Row: P Burns, M Clark, R Holden, J Simm, T Burns, A Everret, C Dalton

Back Row: G Kane, C Nicholson, A Ducie, D Storey, S Gilpin,
G Nicholson, A Clarke, C Trainor
Front Row: S Hadwin, D Jesson, P Burns, H Bolton, P Cargan, P Cresswell.

Two real 'golden oldies' from Mr.Bill Turner.

Back row: Alistair Cooke, ? Schofield, Trevor Biggins, Peter Phizacklea , Chris Liddicott, 

Keith Robinson, Tony Moxham, Colin Jackson, Kenny Knowles.

Front row: Tommy Akred, Bill Turner, Steve Cummings, Alan Everett, Mike Beach, John Heywood, Ron Isaacs.

Back row: Eddie France, Dominic Burns, Steve O'Donnell, George Dewey, 

George Parks , Steve Robson, Jim Drysdale, Mike Clarke, John Harrison.

Front row: John Edmund, Bill Turner, Norman Smith, Dave Ray, Roger Holden, Robin Griffiths, Brian Charnley.


Please click on photo for full size image, use 'back' button to return to page

montage.jpg (134519 bytes)

A selection of pictures from the DAN LOGAN MEMORIAL FUN DAY

Club Captain Steve Slater About To Unleash The "Hammer" Notice Frank Ratcliffe Reffing The Game........Looking The Other Way!!

Brian Charnley, He Even Had Knee Bandages Then!! Is That George Dodds About To Drop The Ball Though??


The year of Elvis

Thanks to Steve Hadwin for photo

ctweb.jpg (28926 bytes)

Back Row: D Logan,  PCargan, M Heywood, J Meadows, K Goldsworthy,
A Smith, J Binns, D DLloyd-Roberts,    AWilliamson

Front Row: N Roberts,   RColes, J Hadwin, I Baker,CTrainor, R Sayle, L Payne

Thanks to Steve Hadwin for photo

Back Row: K Lowther, S Cummings, G Willets, J Hadwin, A McNamee,
W Heywood, S Slater, R Graham

Front Row: C Dalton, P Banham, S Hadwin, C Smith, J Simm, M Jones, R Brooks

Thanks to Steve Hadwin for photo

The 'A' Team from last season courtesy of Ciaran Trainor

Back Row:  T Williamson, A Walker, A Kent, D Lloyd-Roberts, R Sayle,
R Coles,  Paul Jeffrey , S Slater, S Thompson, N Roberts, L Edwards

Front Row:  Will Hartley ,  Anton Murray , S Clarke, C Trainor, M Williamson, Phil Casson 


The 'A' Team from last season courtesy of Ciaran Trainor

Back Row:  T Williamson, A Walker, A Kent, D Lloyd-Roberts, R Sayle,
R Coles,  Paul Jeffrey , S Slater, S Thompson, N Roberts, L Edwards

Front Row:  Will Hartley ,  Anton Murray , S Clarke, C Trainor, M Williamson, Phil Casson 



A selection of photos with titles from Ciaran - Many thanks soft-southern-lancastrians.gif (792726 bytes)

Soft Southern Lancastrians!

What-happened-to-that-blood.gif (942523 bytes)

What happened to that bl**y tent!


seals-at-south-end.gif (711136 bytes)

Seals at South End


See-it-was-sunny.gif (753695 bytes)

Barbie & beer

 The-beer-tent-2.gif (799842 bytes)

Beer tent


Barbie-and-beer.gif (721059 bytes)

See - it was sunny!

The-chefs.gif (670973 bytes)

The Chefs


brendan.gif (898285 bytes)


high-ground-camp.gif (798961 bytes)

High Ground Camp

piel-and-mulgrews.gif (705997 bytes)

Piel from Mulgrews

old-farmhouse-and-piel.gif (834394 bytes)

Old farmhouse & Piel

grady-and-brendan.gif (759858 bytes)

Grady & Brendan

piel-walk-2.gif (789697 bytes)

Piel Walk 1

Piel-walk-1.gif (887231 bytes)

Piel Walk 2

piel-walk-3.gif (868510 bytes)

Piel Walk 3


how-far.gif (848673 bytes)

How far?

almost-there.gif (693429 bytes)

Almost there



made-it.gif (780865 bytes)

Made it!

just-on-piel.gif (830490 bytes)

Just on Piel

don't-follow-the-satnav.gif (873903 bytes)

Don't follow the sat-nav!


light-house.gif (802763 bytes)


whats-wrong-with-biomass.gif (868456 bytes)

What's wrong with biomass!


Carmen-Chillin-on-Piel.gif (531578 bytes)

Carmen - chillin' on Piel

Piel-constabulary.gif (396977 bytes)

Piel Constabulary

they-are-taking-this-olympi.gif (792467 bytes)

They're taking this Olympic protection a bit far!


we'll-protect-you.gif (1060840 bytes)

We'll protect you.

sheep-island-(2).gif (930687 bytes)

The taking of Sheep Island

sheep-Island.gif (830769 bytes)

Sheep Island

We-claim-this-Island-for-th.gif (837908 bytes)

We claim this Island for the Queen

never-leaves-ya.gif (795042 bytes)

Never leaves ya!

its-in-the-wrist-action.gif (714262 bytes)

It's in the wrist action!

bingo-bango.gif (887756 bytes)

Bingo Bango

False-call-slater.gif (1060525 bytes)

False Call Slater!

Trust-me-I-know-what-Im-doi.gif (890621 bytes)

Trust me - I know what I'm doing!

Fitzy's photos

12wal01.gif (256186 bytes) 12wal02.gif (221938 bytes) 12wal03.gif (277365 bytes) 12wal04.gif (254609 bytes) 12wal05.gif (242333 bytes)
12wal06.gif (205876 bytes) 12wal07.gif (371413 bytes) 12wal08.gif (242837 bytes) 12wal09.gif (250175 bytes) 12wal10.gif (260793 bytes)
12wal11.gif (235576 bytes) 12wal12.gif (258831 bytes) 12wal13.gif (250192 bytes) 12wal14.gif (272266 bytes) 12wal15.gif (275454 bytes)
12wal16.gif (250886 bytes) 12wal17.gif (251564 bytes) 12wal18.gif (263087 bytes) 12wal19.gif (238563 bytes) 12wal20.gif (224458 bytes)
12wal21.gif (231707 bytes) 12wal22.gif (233254 bytes) 12wal23.gif (465834 bytes) 

Thanks to Carol Willetts for this snap




Pictures by Ciaran Trainor

ctse16.gif (314703 bytes) ctse10.gif (141451 bytes) ctse17.gif (328794 bytes) ctse14.gif (316578 bytes) ctse07.gif (325372 bytes) ctse05.gif (292520 bytes)
ctse06.gif (376764 bytes) ctse03.gif (414143 bytes) ctse02.gif (153023 bytes) ctse08.gif (274995 bytes) ctse09.gif (280219 bytes) ctse18.gif (305661 bytes)
ctse04.gif (230859 bytes) ctse01.gif (271937 bytes) ctse15.gif (312597 bytes) ctse13.gif (320707 bytes) ctse11.gif (195744 bytes) ctse12.gif (314013 bytes)


Pictures by Carol & Grant Willetts

gwse01.gif (330490 bytes) gwse02.gif (322866 bytes) gwse03.gif (280441 bytes) gwse04.gif (243004 bytes) gwse05.gif (261680 bytes) gwse06.gif (337457 bytes)
gwse07.gif (443786 bytes) gwse08.gif (319588 bytes) gwse09.gif (155046 bytes) gwse10.gif (335553 bytes) gwse11.gif (294696 bytes) gwse12.gif (284343 bytes)

Pictures by Mark Fitzgerald

wal1101.gif (291436 bytes) wal1102.gif (329980 bytes) wal1103.gif (384055 bytes) wal1104.gif (355195 bytes) wal1105.gif (339629 bytes)
wal1106.gif (323626 bytes) wal1107.gif (318376 bytes) wal1108.gif (316706 bytes) wal1109.gif (282186 bytes) wal1110.gif (261021 bytes)
wal1111.gif (313279 bytes) wal1112.gif (275584 bytes) wal1113.gif (312790 bytes) wal1114.gif (282300 bytes) wal1115.gif (264360 bytes)
wal1116.gif (303315 bytes) wal1117.gif (314076 bytes) wal1118.gif (259578 bytes)    


The first 5 photos are from Ciaran. I apologise for any offence that may be caused by the 'thong' shot! ct001.gif (234096 bytes) ct002.gif (247556 bytes) ct003.gif (257798 bytes) ct004.gif (343250 bytes)
The next few are by Fitz 10waln01.gif (327328 bytes) 10waln02.gif (318481 bytes) 10waln03.gif (329297 bytes) 10waln04.gif (265861 bytes)
10waln06.gif (101236 bytes) 10waln07.gif (365728 bytes) 10waln08.gif (270993 bytes) 10waln10.gif (283140 bytes) 10waln11.gif (296537 bytes)
10waln13.gif (288022 bytes) 10waln14.gif (308484 bytes) The next photos are from Carol Willetts cwil027.gif (308282 bytes) cwil030.gif (296937 bytes)
cwil010.gif (304645 bytes) cwil011.gif (297558 bytes) cwil012.gif (250029 bytes) cwil015.gif (329671 bytes) cwil022.gif (334975 bytes)
cwil021.gif (297536 bytes) cwil025.gif (327952 bytes) cwil026.gif (333504 bytes) cwil002.gif (321341 bytes) cwil004.gif (337174 bytes)


south001.gif (264040 bytes) south002.gif (246188 bytes) south003.gif (244754 bytes) south004.gif (175331 bytes) south005.gif (263893 bytes)
south006.gif (280750 bytes) south007.gif (316514 bytes) south008.gif (266759 bytes) south009.gif (293110 bytes) south010.gif (290505 bytes)
south011.gif (304680 bytes) south012.gif (296456 bytes) south013.gif (221140 bytes) south014.gif (267219 bytes) south015.gif (332953 bytes)
south016.gif (346602 bytes) south017.gif (289366 bytes) south018.gif (275415 bytes) south019.gif (199877 bytes) south020.gif (170536 bytes)
south021.gif (150663 bytes) south022.gif (178932 bytes) south023.gif (175752 bytes) south024.gif (159508 bytes) south025.gif (222606 bytes)
south026.gif (292103 bytes) south028.gif (287851 bytes) south027.gif (238851 bytes) south029.gif (252314 bytes) south030.gif (300635 bytes)
south031.gif (365940 bytes) south032.gif (513841 bytes) south033.gif (249206 bytes) south034.gif (447210 bytes) south035.gif (411619 bytes)
south036.gif (292975 bytes) south037.gif (256757 bytes) south042A.gif (253785 bytes) south038.gif (299451 bytes) south039.gif (366181 bytes)
south040.gif (385236 bytes) south041.gif (329223 bytes) south042.gif (267047 bytes) south043.gif (326418 bytes)




These pictures are from The Trainor Family, many thanks. All captions by Ciaran!

trainor001.gif (81135 bytes)

Blue Sky!! there was a bit

trainor008.gif (93172 bytes)

wusses with coats on 

trainor002.gif (131438 bytes)

could be any Saturday night

trainor006.gif (126453 bytes)

Carol and Ally dying of thirst

trainor009.gif (167177 bytes)

Bill and Ciaran  doing the centre

trainor007.gif (127680 bytes)
Praise be the Lord
trainor011.gif (123079 bytes)

Next Generation Sugababes

trainor012.gif (91204 bytes)
 Toughing it out till the small hours
trainor013.gif (92732 bytes)
 Rory wasn't sick!!, 
trainor014.gif (113515 bytes)
 Piel at last.
trainor016.gif (100741 bytes)
The coal man got stuck
trainor015.gif (107001 bytes)
 Our tents are better
trainor018.gif (89374 bytes)
 Almost there
trainor019.gif (97105 bytes)
How Far???
trainor017.gif (94250 bytes)
Where's the castle gone?
trainor020.gif (114846 bytes)

"Is it Dorothy or the new disco kid?"


These pictures are from The Willetts, again, thanks.

walney001.gif (113533 bytes)
If you play in the front row you'll end up like this
walney002.gif (127002 bytes)
 Brady finally Went to bed!


walney003.gif (125795 bytes)
 Leave some for the others girls
carmen.gif (116023 bytes)
Is it wine or sunburn?
walney005.gif (121990 bytes)
 Ray has another go at the World Prawn cracker eating record.
walney004.gif (124377 bytes)
Happy as pigs in the proverbial
walney006.gif (122974 bytes)
 Lee's Favourite hat, 
walney007.gif (122504 bytes)
 Is this Piel walk a good idea??
walney008.gif (112199 bytes)
 Not Roa - Piel you idiots!!!, 
walney009.gif (118702 bytes)
There it is.
walney010.gif (121809 bytes)
Nice Wellies Peter!!  
walney011.gif (134957 bytes)
  Where's the bar??, 
walney012.gif (151188 bytes)
 First XV Squad 2020
walney013.gif (109774 bytes)
 back to Camp, 
web14.gif (116854 bytes)
 Grant, give em the cushion back



2007camp01.jpg (141462 bytes)

The morning after!

2007camp02.jpg (120876 bytes)

Piel Castle

2007camp03.jpg (164263 bytes)

Panda-Cow, you had to be there!

2007camp04.jpg (110166 bytes)

A small corner of Walney is re-named

2007camp05.jpg (119103 bytes)

Casino Royale Southend style

2007camp07.jpg (88676 bytes)

The sunset

2007camp06.jpg (75500 bytes)

Red sky at night - still rained all the next day

2007camp08.jpg (49801 bytes)

The sky is on fire!

2007camp09.jpg (136966 bytes)

Ally can cook!

2007camp10.jpg (119080 bytes)

The happy couple cut the cake!

2007camp12.jpg (131312 bytes)

Mike Ramsey entertains the crowd

2007camp11.jpg (119123 bytes)

Keeping warm

2007camp13.jpg (110901 bytes)

Wonder if the kids will follow the piper.

2007camp14.jpg (127704 bytes)

Resting after to much food (or beer)

2007camp15.jpg (67476 bytes)

Daryl pops by

2007camp16.jpg (82063 bytes)

The girls plan how to occupy Grant while they steal the bacon!

2007camp17.jpg (112206 bytes)

The kids all had fun (especially the one at the back!)

2007camp18.jpg (159303 bytes)

Scott takes over training this week - to get them players more flexible

2007camp19.jpg (91979 bytes)

Camera Callum took this photo

2007camp20.jpg (102247 bytes)

Take three cooks.

2007camp21.jpg (71899 bytes)

Sheltering from the rain.

2007camp22.jpg (118031 bytes)

Showing the residents how to dance

2007camp23.jpg (110567 bytes)

Jim teaches Richard all his best moves!

2007camp25.jpg (107658 bytes)

The guys think it's Hokey Cokey time

2007camp26.jpg (113970 bytes)

Tonight Matthew, I've learnt enough moves to join the cabaret (something Grant would NEVER say)!


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