Following the success of the Spanish tour there will be an opportunity to see the official release of the video.  Those that went on the trip can relive the highlights of the weekend,  those that didnít can cry in their beer about what they missed!
The suggestion is to convene at the club at 7.0pm Friday 22nd of August. The screening will be downstairs in the hall for maximum impact. As this is also the eve of Prissyís wedding we can join in him in what will be his last night as a single man.
If I can finally work out how to reproduce the video in DVD format these will be on sale for a nominal value,  the proceeds of which will go to the youth rugby.


Someone (Dizzy I assume) dropped a card through my door last week with some gift vouchers as a thank you for organising the trip.  A really nice gesture which is greatly appreciated. The tour was indeed memorable and now that Iíve finally recovered I have been looking at the video footage and have started to put together the DVD. The plan is to have a viewing up the club Ė probably preseason. I have already had another invite to the Benidorm Sevens for next year but there are other options. I will probably take more of a back seat in organising but more than happy to help if required, and if itís on Iíll definitely be there.
Thanks again
Bill (Blanco)
PS I suspect some of you may owe Dizzy some money


MAY 31st 2014 - Torrevieja Tigers v Hawcoat Park Lions

The Lions after winning all 3 of their matches with members of the Torrevieja Tigers

Below are a selection of photos in  the build up to the games.

The morning after the night before or was it a continuation? HPRUFC on tour!! Lions v Tigers

The tour gets under way.


The lions stowaway!


Team Capt Whitey obviously cold wearing his tights!

I dont think George is drinking Red Bull?

Flight entertainment Matty Sayle?

Truly professionals?


Tour Capt leads his charges to the ground.


Team mascots show the way.Team Mascot

With all the preparation done the teams and supporters remember absent friends

Only one baguette per person.

Geroge H asking how to get a body like Ray S.

Captains and Ref looking at the state of Andy G

Team Capt looking for his bag again!

Team Mascot shows Whitey the way.

Absent friends!

Let battle commence in the first game against Tarafa Rugby Club


Jonny "The Machine" Burrows.

Ref Ciaran Trainor orders Elvis out of the Stadium!

Tour Manager Billy Blanco looking a lot happier.

Danger having received some Spanish hospitality.


If my dad can play in the front row so can I!!!

Jay's opposite number trying to gets his lovely boots.

Torrevieja Tigers v Hawcoat Park Lions

Lewis Sayle "T's" another try up for his brother Matty!

Dizzy sporting a rather expensive cap?

"Stop shouting nasty things at Elvis"

Give me back my wallet!

Big effort in this lads first game of rugby!

The Rock of Gibraltar tour party.


Let the celebrations continue as the Champion Lions occupy the Tigers territory. And yes it did rain as the last photo shows!

Birthday boy Ray.

Hawcoat Park, what a family Club!

Happy Brithday Ray from your former team mates.

Tour Capt Billy Blanco delivers his speech in fluent Spanish (ish) well done Billy.

Deserved Man of the Match Lewis Sayle.

Dizzy under "HIS" brolly.

Just like home in the bloody rain under a brolly!!

A special thanks to Billy Blanco for being chief planner of the tour party, the tour committee including Danny "Whitey" for his huge role looking after the players. Also a special thanks to Mrs FITZ (chief shirt and banner designer) and Raging Bull (shirt supplier). Next Lions tour TBA but partners please be aware the other Lions are going to NZ.





More pictures to be added soon......


To check out the Torrevieja club see




Billy White had an idea Ė inspired by his recent exploits Down Under he decided that he wants to manage a team of international rugby stars. Unfortunately Billy only has the Hawcoat Park team to work with!

In spite of this he still wants to take a team to play at the Nelson Mandela Stadium, Torrevieja to play the Torrevieja Tigers. We are organising this event to be held on Saturday 30th May 2014.

Hotel and flights are now booked for the playing party. The £40 first instalment is now overdue from about a dozen people. Please get this to Dan White as a matter of urgency or your place may not be secured. Balance of £150 will be requested for the end of January.

Can all who are travelling please send their name and email address to so that we can inform you when shirts etc need ordering. Many thanks.