On Monday 10th June 2013, our two brave friends set off on the long journey to Australia in their quest to watch the British and Irish Lions on tour. They left Barrow-Furness railway station with a cuddly toy to keep them company. It was Lions second trip abroad and he was looking forward to visiting his friends the koala and the kangaroo.

9.20am Monday 10th June: The boys had a train ride to Manchester followed by a long wait for the plane to Heathrow. After this the boys set off on a flight to Hong Kong, I'm sure they have learnt the language to help them get through customs!

10.40am Tuesday 11th June: Poor Lion was feeling a bit rough as he was trying to keep up with the boys drinking, if he never saw another pint of Guinness or glass of vodka again he would be a happy Lion. Maybe the wait in Hong Kong would help him as the boys may not know how to order alcohol in a foreign language.

13th June 3.44am (UK time): Finally, after 36 hours with no sleep, the boys had arrived in Sydney. Lion decided to give the sight seeing a miss, 36 hours of alcohol and Ciaran's singing were enough for anyone!

Took the monorail - that's bl***y Fitzy gets everywhere!

We really are here - this isn't the Tyne Bridge!


Randwick Rugby Club - with Barrow Ex-Pats Alan & Keith Hinchley and ex-Wallaby prop Jeffrey Sayle


May have recruited a new second row for next season.


Behind the hotel bar, Lions memorabilia and a display of 3 trophies - 1 for each test.

14th June: The boys visit Bondi Beach

Ciaran couldn't resist a swim - Billy opted to take shark watch

The lads arranged to meet friends in the bar!

Sitting on the Dock of the Bay thinking about work!!!!

Think we're a bit lost - we were looking for Tesco!

Stuart Hogg's proud parents are staying in our hotel!

Lion was promised top class accommodation for the trip - the boys spent too much on beer so have taken to busking and sleeping rough with the natives!

Gatland recruits his own spies!

17th June: Spotted by Adam Williamson - Lee Wombell and his dad on their way to Australia to see the Lions, maybe Billy & Ciaran will have some more friends to drink with.

Met up with former Hawcoat Park legend Karl Dodd and centre Phil Blaze to watch the Brisbane broncos.

18th June: Pre match drinks at Surfers Paradise before the Brumbies game - too cold in Canberra!

Chilling in surfers paradise on the gold coast to recover from the trauma of the Brumbies defeat.  


Move over Ant & Dec! The Lions are prowling the Queensland Jungle at Frazer Island.

A message for those we left behind!

It reads 'There are only two times in Life - Now and Too Late'

Met up with another legend, George Parkes - oh and Rob Jones, ex-Wales & Lions scrum half!

Morning of the game. Bring on the Wallabies.

Shirts and tickets ready.


He's not that big!!!!

Just met a few of the lads for a post match de-brief.


Was it all just a dream!