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This year the boys took a drive on Quad Bikes, San Miguel, Spain October 2016



The boys took a drive to the Guns of Mazzaron, Spain which were built by Vickers between 1923 & 1926.



Hawcoat Park v Oktoberfest



Roger’s secret love child!


That’s just greedy


Oh dear!


In the Hoffbrau House


In Munich centre


The club is now down in Hoffbrau House history


Ray gets the beer goggles out as he spots a large pair....of beers!


Now that’s a beer festival


Now we’ve found Roger’s brother playing in the band!


And the band plays




“Whilst Billy and Ciaran were over for the Lions Tour in June, I recall Billy mentioned to me that the club may just be short of one class front rower to be really competitive this season.  Well as the new official Hawcoat Park Southern Hemisphere Head Talent Scout (Bill Turner has now vacated the position as he resides back in the northern hemisphere)  I may just have found you the right man. His name is Kanyonyi Silverback and he is the star player of the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park 1st XV in South West Uganda.  Dynamic in the set pieces, never taken a backward step in his life, only 18 years old so still eligible for Colts.” 

And before you say anything Ciaran (The Idiot Abroad Mark 2), it’s not a bloke in a gorilla suit.

Regards  Doddy


This photo was sent by Barbara & John Knagg, looks like the boys were having fun.


A selection of photos from the lads day out at Windermere on Friday 25 May, a beautiful sunny day.

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018.gif (482914 bytes) 020.gif (537313 bytes) 052.gif (483582 bytes) Many thanks to Steve Scott for the photos.




A Tribute Message 

I was saddened to read of the death of Chick he was a mentor to me when I started playing for Vickers in 52/53
I was fortunate that I paid a visit to him on my last visit to barrow, looking at his scrapbook and recalling the old days.

My sympathy to his Wife and Sons.
He will be missed
Chris Harris 

We were sad to hear of the recent passing of Chick Scott at FGH

The former first team skipper was a speedy wing forward who first joined Vickers Rugby Union in 1939 from Barrow Grammar School.  Chick was well liked with a strong personality and fun loving character right throughout his life and will be missed by all who knew him

The thoughts of all at the club go out to Steve, Richard, Peter and all his family at this difficult time.

John Horne, Hawcoat Park Chairman


A few photos from Bill Turner from the boys annual outing.

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da5.gif (339493 bytes) da6.gif (405179 bytes) da7.gif (371883 bytes) Many thanks to Bill


The following information was taken from some old Rugby World Magazines I have collected over the years---as follows

Rugby World April 1970

Rugger Roundabout section

Jim Bawden, the Vickers SC (Barrow in Furness) fly half kicked three penalty goals against Netherhall O.B in late January to set up a new club scoring record for a season of 158 points, which was just nine more than the previous best,established by Hooker N. McKeating in 1969

Do we know if this has been beaten, if so who by and by what score??

Rugby World June 1970

Rugger Roundabout section

Over the past three seasons the mileage for the away games (22) of Vickers SC, Barrow in Furness has worked out at an average of 1,360 miles. Fixtures extend to Newcastle and Carlisle plus three games in Yorkshire and Half a dozen or so in the Manchester area

Do we know what the average mileage we covered from our last 3 seasons??

No prizes for the answers!  


A few photos from a recent trip to North America which included a stop in Las Vegas .

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Meeting “The King”

dodd2.jpg (614761 bytes)

Meeting Ken NORTON

dodd3.gif (349876 bytes)

Meeting Earnie SHAVERS

dodd4.gif (297663 bytes)

I found this in the latest edition of my Police Down Under Magazine (Incidentally for those not in the know, Kings Cross is the sleazy red light district in Sydney )

For those at the club aged in their late 40’s or older, or if you have any interest in boxing history, you should remember these two blokes who were both exceptional heavyweight fighters through the late 60’s, 70’s and early 80’s.  One was WBC World Heavyweight Champion in 1978 and the other is widely considered the hardest puncher in boxing history in any era or weight division.

The other bloke with the sunglasses is often seen out and about in “ Sin City ” despite many people thinking he passed away on the 16th of August 1977.


- A beer in Ambleside and then All aboard RMS TITANIC or was it the SWAN!

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Thanks to Jeff Simm for the photos

Another father and son play for Hawcoat Park

John and Will Howard who played in the A team together 16th April 2011.


Please take a look at the clips below. I think these will help players better understand the offences that are being caught.


Either click on the 'open in a new window' link that appears or you will need to copy and paste the links into your browser 

In at the side -

Holding on -

Knock on, scrum -

Obstruction -

Incorrect binding -

Early engagement -

Closing the gap -


I've had the pleasure of watching the 1st team and A team in successive weeks and it's clear to me that many of you, both players and supporters, are very knowledgeable with regards to the Laws of the game.

As you know Cumbria Referees are desperately short of Referees and often struggle to cover Saturday Fixtures in the county and do not appoint for youth Games at all on a Sunday.

3 people have expressed an interest in taking a basic refs course to cover us as Club Refs which will be absolutely vital for the success of the Colts next year as I can't do them all.

The basic qualification would entitle people to cover A team also as there have been occasions this season when we haven't had an appointed ref.

Paul Renton Referee Development Manager: North, has said he is prepared to run a course if we can get enough interest. maybe from other south clubs too.

You would only be committing to our club at home and not every week. The course is usually run over two consecutive Sundays for around 4-5 hours.

If you are interested in taking a course please contact me at the club or via email



For a look behind the scenes go to for a taste of what's to come.


0.gif (255846 bytes)Dan White on for Kendal at Fylde

bwo2.gif (195995 bytes)"Please Mr Robinson will you sign my book" pleads Billy!


This is important information for all Players, Coaches and specifically MARTIN HEYWOOD to take a look at the clips and law explanations.

You've all got no excuse now!!!

Hawcoat Park go International!

Orihuela RFC v Hawcoat Park RUFC 29th May 2010


Hawcoat Park Rugby Union made their inaugural venture into Europe at the end of May when Bill White led a team of mainly veterans, with some younger players, against Spanish team Orihuela RFC.

 The event developed from the original intention of Bill and fellow Hawcoat Park stalwarts Tony Skelton and Ray Sayle to have a weekend break in Spain in celebration of their 50th birthdays, all of which fell in May. Initially a party of eight decided to go but when Bill's son Danny asked if he could come along with some friends, the possibility of a game began to emerge.

The club contacted Orihuela which is close to where they were staying. They had hosted veteran’s teams in the past and were immediately interested. Arrangements were made and by this time the size of the squad had grown to 18 with Steve Thompson the oldest at 59, and James Howden the youngest at 19. For the tour the team re badged themselves as Hawcoat Park Raiders to make a connection with Barrow.

The squad set off for Spain on Wednesday 26th of May and immediately began acclimatisation training. This involved a 4 mile cliff top walk calling in at several beach bars along the way. Evening entertainment included traditional Spanish Flamenco, Karaoke, and exotic dancing.

The big day arrived and the team made its way to Orihuela by minibus, passing some spectacular scenery on the way. However, nothing could prepare them for their arrival at the ground where they were confronted with the stark backdrop of the Sierra de Orihuela Mountains.

The match kicked off at 5.0pm with temperatures hovering at about 28 degrees. Hawcoat took the early initiative with Ian Hopkinson and Ray Sayle leading from the front supported by the evergreen Jim Steel and ex Barrow RL favourite Mark Fitzgerald. This led to an early Hawcoat try with Fitzgerald crashing over from close range.

Hawcoat were technically superior to the Spanish team but the extreme heat and previous days indulgencies quickly took its toll. In addition to this Orihuela were generally younger and quicker and only some excellent positional play by Hawcoat fullback Ian France, son of the club life member Eddie France, kept the Spanish team at bay.  Despite this a mistake in the Hawcoat defence led to a break and the Orihulea centre crossed the line. However, he was just about to touch down when young Danny White came out of nowhere and bundled him over the dead ball line. This strengthened the Hawcoat Park resolve and an outstanding combination of passing between Danny White and James Howden allowed the impressive Matty Sayle to put dad Ray in the clear. Unselfishly Ray passed to fellow prop Alan Troughton who touched down to make it 10 - 0 to the visitors,  with the two conversions having been missed.

At half time several enforced changes were made allowing Father and Son Combination Steve and Chris Thompson to enter the fray, as well as Martin Heywood, son of the legendary Wilf. The second half saw the Orihuela team start to gain the initiative. Only some determined tackling from Steve Slater and utility man Mike Beach kept the home side from scoring. With a rejuvenated Grantley Willets rejoining the game, following a spell on the bench, and Adam Williamson, son of the famous Terry Williamson, moving to scrum half the winning line was in sight.

On a rare excursion into the Spanish half Hawcoat called a line out move which originated in the early eighties,  when Jim Steel drove hard towards the line supported by the considerable bulk of Chris Thompson and the increasingly distinguished looking Bill White. The ball was grounded and White dubiously claimed the last try making the final score 15 - 0 to the visitors.

The rejoicing Hawcoat team were joined by Spanish players and officials for after match celebrations in the beautiful surroundings of the Orihuela Central Plaza. Presentations were made by each club with Danny White picking up man of the match and dad Bill receiving a commemorative plaque as squad captain. The Hawcoat Park club also made a donation to "el ninjas’ mariposa” charity which translates to "the butterfly children"; a severe skin condition where the children cannot even be touched as their skin is so sensitive. This is the favoured charity of the Orihuela club and they were very appreciative of this gesture.

This was a truly memorable event and underlines the extended family values which has always existed at the Hawcoat Park club through a policy of blending youth with experience and refusing to look for quick fixes. There were 3 father and son combinations in the squad as well as the sons of 3 former players. Hawcoat Park has had difficult times in recent years including some personal tragedies. However events like this, combined with the spirit of fun which exists, will ensure they will be around for some years to come.

Tour report by Captain Billy Blanco
spain.gif (186071 bytes) spain4.gif (218739 bytes) spain5.gif (283567 bytes) spain6.gif (305813 bytes)
spain7.gif (337842 bytes) spain2.gif (330971 bytes) spain3.gif (339004 bytes) Many thanks to Garry Holland of Orihuela and Fitz for the photos

Message from Tampa, Florida

It was good to see that Nobby and Terry have been awarded Life Member Recognition. From Colts they have been real life members ,well done.

I see with regret that the New Year’s Fixture was not played. Some traditions should be kept.

All the Best

Chris Harris


For those of you who missed him - here's  Terry Williamson's appearance on The Lakes tv show.

Tackling a balloon instead of rugby players makes a change!

Club Coach Coordinator Update 

Unfortunately, and despite reminders on courses, there continues to be concerns raised about adults participating with children. The following information should be circulated and reinforced to all club members:


There have been three cases so far this season (08/09) of underage players playing in games of adult rugby. In one case the young player concerned was unfortunately injured and taken to hospital. The RFU regulations around this issue are very clear and are there to ensure the medical and emotional safety of all concerned as well as to protect club management committees.

• At 16 years or younger, no player may train with adults or play in adult games (i.e 1st, 2ndXV etc)

• At 17 years, a player who is deemed both physically and mentally capable by the person(s) best suited to make this decision (parents/coach) is permitted to ‘play up’ in adult games, however they are not permitted to play in any of the front row positions

• Any player assuming any front row position (i.e. prop or hooker), during adult training or competition, including replacements, must have reached their 18th birthday.

It is recommended that clubs and CB’s record in writing the decision to play a 17 year old player in adult rugby in the minutes of an official club meeting and that a suitable adult is appointed to them as an informal ‘chaperone’ – someone who they know they can go to with any concerns or issues.

From a ‘child protection’ perspective, once a 17 year old enters the adult game they are viewed by the RFU as an adult, and thus they are no longer governed under the regulations around the need for CRB checks for coaches/managers/etc and appropriate changing and showering arrangements.

Failure to abide by these regulations WILL result in disciplinary action taken against the club management.

The exact wording from RFU Regulations handbook 2008/09 is shown below.

Schools & Youth Regulations relating to Age Grades and Dispensations:

2.2 Players may only play adult rugby, or train with other adults, when they have reached their eighteenth birthday unless they comply with one of the following exceptions:

(a) players who are aged 17 may play adult rugby and train with other adults provided they have been assessed as capable of playing with adults. This exception does not apply to playing in the front row of the scrum during contested or uncontested scrummages either during training or in a match, where there is an absolute prohibition on players under the age of 18 playing in adult rugby; or

(b) players who are aged 16 who are England Academy Players and who may play adult rugby and train if they the RFU Head of Elite Player Development has given his specific written consent. Such consent must be given on each occasion of playing or training.

(c) Players of all sexes and of any age may train or play together in non-contact variations of rugby, providing the organiser has assessed the session as safe for all players.

2.3 Permission to play must be obtained from either the player’s parent, guardian or head teacher before any person under the age of 18 plays adult rugby or plays with players who are not in the same annual age banding. When assessing whether a player under 18 is capable of playing adult rugby, those responsible for making the decision must take account of the guidelines at paragraphs 1.1 – 1.6 below.

2.4 The Age limit for all Age Grades is determined as being under the specified age at midnight on 31 August at the beginning of the season in which matches are to be played. The appropriate age group applies for the whole season. At representative level (U17 and U18 only) the age limit is determined at midnight on 31st December of that season.

2.5 No player may be permitted to play in matches involving school teams once he has reached his 19th birthday.

2.6 The Under 19 Law Variations at Appendix 1 only apply to matches when all players in a team are aged 18 years and under.


A serious incident has recently been reported to the Coaching Department which it is important to share with you.

In a practice game at a club training session, an Under 14 player suffered a serious knee injury which has threatened to end his playing career. The injury was sustained when one of the coaches, taking part in a training game, tackled the youngster as he made a break down the wing. 

On no circumstances should coaches participate in practices with, or against, players under the age of 18. It is extremely doubtful that the injury would have been sustained had the youngster been tackled by a player of his own age.

Although young players may appear to be mature and are sometimes bigger than their coach, their muscles and bones are still developing and are not at the same physical development as an adult.


Demonstrations – most especially those which involve contact (tackle, scrum, ruck etc) - should be carried out in a safe environment and adults may hold Contact shields to provide only passive opposition.

Even in non contact games & practices (tag/touch, it is strongly advised that adults do not play with or against children. It is important to consider that even in tag and touch contact is sometimes made and a fully grown adult slipping or tripping into a much lighter child could have serious consequences.

In a coaching context it is also far more valuable for the coaches to be observing and drawing out key factors from the players, and this is much better undertaken from the side or as a referee.

It would be beneficial to your club if you could inform your coaches of the above and remind them of their responsibility to ensure a safe learning environment for players and coaches.


In light of recent events, this is a really good idea. and was sent by Ciaran who got it from his Union Rep.


Following the disaster in London . . .

East Anglian Ambulance Service have launched a national "In case of Emergency ( ICE ) " campaign with the support of Falklands war hero Simon Weston.

The idea is that you store the word " I C E " in your mobile phone address book, and against it enter the number of the person you would want to be contacted "In Case of Emergency".

In an emergency situation ambulance and hospital staff will then be able to quickly find out who your next of kin are and be able to contact them. It's so simple that everyone can do it. Please do.

Please will you also email this to everybody in your address book, it won't take too many 'forwards' before everybody will know about this. It really could save your life, or put a loved one's mind at rest.

For more than one contact name ICE1, ICE2, ICE3 etc.

  go totop